Halloween challenges are coming to World of Warships



World of Warships joins the Halloween season with new events. The latest 0.10.0 update will bring some spooky difficulties, a new type of temporary battle, and, of course, some goodies.

There’s a lot going on in this latest update, from a new temporary event called Personal Challenges, also live during this update. The goal here? Earn as much base XP as possible, as in naval battles you will work to beat your own personal bests and advance through increasingly difficult measures.

Halloween events will also be a mix of new and recurring content. When the update goes live, you will be able to access two operations: Save Transylvania and Sunbeam in Darkness. these will be available on both Normal and Hard, but a Super Hard difficulty occurs while the event is live with the update. What if you complete an Operation on Super Hard difficulty with three or more stars? You will be able to earn Jack o’Lantern premium containers. The prices for these can include consumable camos, free XP, and even permanent Halloween camos.

The new battle type will be available in week three. It’s called Twilight Hunt, and it’s a temporary event. To play and win, you will need to participate as 16 players compete against each other and the Twilight Fleet, which is controlled by AI. You can also team up or even create divisions, but you will start out on your own and have to find your potential teammates in danger. A temporary combat resource, Battle Points, will be yours if you destroy monsters or other players.

You can repeat the challenge and keep earning Battle Points, which you can redeem for more Jack o’Lantern containers and even something new called Twilight Tokens, which you can redeem for themed commanders, camouflage, more of containers and other goodies. For a full rundown of all challenges, ship updates and more, check out the World of Warships event announcement.



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