Gunshots break out at Kabul airport, killing one, German military forces say



A shootout broke out Monday at Kabul airport between Afghan forces and an unknown attacker, leaving one dead and three wounded, German military forces said.

German army tweeted At 4:13 a.m., gunfire broke out at the north gate between Afghan security forces and unknown assailants.

US and German forces were involved in the incident, the military added.

A sniper shot and killed the member of the Afghan security forces who was trying to secure the area, but it is not known who the sniper is affiliated with, CNN reported.

Amid the chaos, Afghan forces retaliated, but in the direction of U.S. Marines who also retaliated, injuring several members of the Afghan military, CNN reported. (RELATED: Video Appears to Show Baby Being Handed Over to Kabul Airport Wall to Escape, Woman Reportedly Following)

No US soldier was injured in ‘brief firefight’, US Central Command noted.

“The incident appears to have started when an unknown hostile actor fired at Afghan security forces involved in monitoring access to the gate,” Navy Captain William Urban reportedly said. “The Afghans retaliated, and in accordance with their right to self-defense, US and coalition troops also did. “

Urban said the Afghan member was “killed by the hostile actor” but did not specify who the hostile actor was.

US troops killed two gunmen on August 16 at the airport after two men approached the troops. Few other details were provided.

The airport has been the scene of mass chaos as thousands of Afghans and Americans try to flee the country after the Taliban took control. US citizens were urged on Tuesday to “take shelter in place” as the authorities could not guarantee them safe passage to Kabul airport.

A US defense official said CNN Saturday that there are concerns about terrorist threats from ISIS around the airport and that US military officials are being forced to establish alternative routes to the airport.



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