FARC dissident leader neutralized in Colombian military forces’ Operation Jaguar


“I want to inform the country that thanks to the #Jaguar operation of our glorious @COL_EJERCITO [Colombian Army]in the municipality of Suárez, Cauca, Leider Johany Noscue, alias “Mayimbú”, leader of the FARC [Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia] dissident groups and one of Colombia’s most wanted criminals, has been neutralized,” Colombian President Iván Duque said on June 13 via Twitter. Defense Minister Diego Molano Aponte also corroborated the information on Twitter: “Operation ‘Jaguar’ has dealt a resounding blow to FARC dissidents. Congratulations to our soldiers and police for their dedicated work and commitment, for freeing Colombia from “Mayimbú”, a symbol of evil that is no longer in circulation. »

acts of violence

Mayimbú, 31, was wanted for acts of violence committed since 2010, including the murder of several Caucasian social leaders, such as Suárez mayoral candidate Karina García, killed in 2019 in a car bomb attack in Santander of Quilichao, who also killed three policemen. . That same year, Mayimbú kidnapped and murdered an official of the Technical Investigation Corps at an illegal roadblock in Caloto (Cauca), among many other acts of violence, the the universal reported news site. According to the Colombian newspaper, the authorities had issued five arrest warrants for Mayimbú for a massacre in the village of Palma de Coco, in the municipality of Olaya Herrera, Nariño, and for four homicides in Nariño and Cauca.

Kind Duarte

According to the Colombian government, the splinter groups under Gentil Duarte, to which Mayimbú belonged, are one of two factions founded by former FARC members who rejected the 2016 peace accord. Mayimbú commanded 12 FARC splinter groups with more than 1,800 fighters, said General Luis Fernando Navarro, commander of the Colombian military forces.

Although some 13,000 former FARC members were demobilized under the peace accord, others remained armed under Gentil Duarte’s group and a second group known as Second Marquetalia led by Iván Márquez.

Several senior FARC dissident leaders have been neutralized. Colombian intelligence services reported in May that Gentil Duarte was presumed dead after clashes with rival armed groups in Venezuela.

“Mayimbú’s death will affect the splinter groups’ goal of consolidating mobility corridors previously dominated by the western FARC bloc,” the universal reported.


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