Export of the Akash missile system | Modi Cabinet Approves Export of Locally Developed Akash Missile System


Akash missile system

New Delhi: The Union cabinet on Wednesday approved the proposal to export the locally developed Akash missile system. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh made the announcement.

Cabinet also approved the establishment of a committee for faster approvals.

The minister said that the export version of the Akash missile system will be different from the system that has been deployed with the Indian armed forces.

The Minister of Defense informed in a series of tweets:

“Under Atmanirbhar Bharat, India is increasing its manufacturing capabilities for a wide variety of defense platforms and missiles. The cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji today approved the export of the Akash missile system and a committee for faster approvals has been established.

“Akash is the country’s major missile with over 96% indigenization. Akash is a surface-to-air missile with a range of 25 km. The export version of Akash will be different from the system currently deployed with the Indian Armed Forces.

“Until now Indian defense exports have included parts / components etc. The export of large platforms was minimal. This Cabinet decision would help the country improve its defense products and make them competitive on a global scale.

“The Indian government intends to focus on the export of high-value defense platforms, to meet the target of $ 5 billion in defense exports and improve strategic relations with friendly foreign countries. . “

According to the Defense Research and Development Organization that developed the Akash missile system, is it a short-range surface-to-air missile system to protect vulnerable areas and vulnerable points from air attacks? .

The Akash weapon system can engage multiple targets simultaneously in group mode or standalone mode. It incorporates electronic countermeasures (ECCM) functions. The entire weapon system was configured on mobile platforms, the DRDO website says.

Akash Weapon Systems has been inducted and is operational with the Indian Air Force as well as the Indian Army, he adds.

Meanwhile, government sources said nine friendly countries in Southeast Asia and Africa are interested in acquiring the Akash air defense missile system. A public sector unit under the Ministry of Defense will now explore opportunities to export the weapons system to these countries, sources added.


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