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ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay – With a history encompassing humble beginnings in 1961 as a United States Coast Guard Mobile Training Team located in the Panama Canal Zone, the Naval School of Technical Instruction and Training for Small Craft (NAVSCIATTS) recognized its history in Latin America in the recent appointment of Admiral Hugo Milciades Scolari Pagliaro of Paraguay, as the 2017 Distinguished Alumni recipient.

Hugo Rodriguez, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Paraguay, presented the award to Scolari on behalf of U.S. Ambassador to Paraguay Lee McClenny.

“Admiral Scolari was chosen for this award because he embodies the tradition of excellence of NAVSCIATTS and the vast amount of its contributions to service both nationally and internationally,” said Rodriguez. “He embodies the NAVSCIATTS motto, ‘Stronger Together’, and the command expects a continuing and growing relationship between Paraguay, USSOCOM and the United States.”

The NAVSCIATTS Distinguished Alumni Program, established in 2013 in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary International Training Command, recognizes the specific achievements of NAVSCIATTS graduates who reach strategic professional positions within their countries and is part of a global effort to engage senior officers and maintain relations with the alumni of the international training center.

Scolari first attended the NAVSCIATTS Patrol Craft Commander course in 1990, when the school was located at Naval Base Rodman, Panama. He also completed the advanced course for the Patrol Craft Commander course in the same year.

Scolari, who served with distinction for 34 years in various positions within the Paraguayan Armed Forces and was a key leader in national sovereignty missions, was appointed Commander of the Paraguayan Armed Forces in August 2017, where he served until ‘in October 2018.

In his closing remarks, the Admiral spoke of the honor of receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award. “I am very happy to receive this award at this special place, the United States Embassy in Paraguay,” said Scolari. “It is an emblematic place and the Paraguayan forces are grateful for the cooperation of this embassy. Not only the army, but also in the civilian field.”

“With all of the courses offered in the United States and Paraguay, NAVSCIATTS has helped our armed forces become better and allowed them to get better every day. Regarding naval forces, NAVSCIATTS helps with training and maintenance within units. In reality, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I don’t have enough words to thank NAVSCIATTS. On behalf of myself, the armed forces and my country, I will keep this award prominently in my home to remind myself of this sister country that has always supported our country. God bless the United States of America. ”

The NAVSCIATTS command team, including the commanding officer of NAVSCIATTS Cmdr. John Green, traveled to Paraguay for the awards ceremony to honor the history of the Paraguayan military forces and the achievements of their recently retired commander.

“This is NAVSCIATTS ‘highest honor,” Green said at the ceremony. “There is no other award like this; not in the US Navy. Not anywhere. Some of the world’s most distinguished military leaders have received it. Leaders who have kept their country and a safe world. I know that you will continue the tradition of this award, just as you have carried on the tradition of the Paraguayan army, so that your country and the world will be free and at peace. ”

NAVSCIATTS, which currently offers 20 training courses, trains and educates partner nation special operations forces, SOF-type forces and SOF facilitators in all tactical, operational and strategic areas. To date, over 12,000 international security force professionals from 120 partner countries have been trained with NAVSCIATTS. The Naval Special Warfare Command School operates under USSOCOM in support of foreign security assistance and theater security cooperation priorities of geographic combat commanders.

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