Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy ship spotted near Taiwan ahead of annual war games


A Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy ship has been spotted near the east coast of Taiwan ahead of the second session of the annual Han Kuang War Games, the country’s largest military exercises involving all the branches of the armed forces, designed to test the country. combat readiness in the event of a Chinese invasion, according to media citing sources. The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) vessel appeared 44 nautical miles (81 kilometers) from the coastal township of Fengbin at around 4 a.m. Friday, sailing from north to southeast, Taiwan News reported.

The second phase of Exercise Han Kuang, live-fire drills, is scheduled to be held from July 25 to 29, a Taiwan island defense authority said, according to the Global Times. The first phase was launched on May 16, according to reports.

The Taiwan Defense Authority reported a significant increase in PLA fighter jet activity in the southwest and southeast of the island. More than 31 PLA aircraft sorties including H-6 bombers, J-11 and J-16 combat aircraft, KJ-500 early warning aircraft, Y-8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft, as well as Ka-28 anti-submarine aircraft and helicopter gunships were spotted by Taiwan defense authorities in May.

Japan’s Defense Ministry’s Joint Staff said Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force had dispatched the Izumo, a de facto aircraft carrier, to monitor the PLA carrier group. According to the US Naval Institute news site Fleet and Marine Tracker, the US Navy’s Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group was also operating in the Philippine Sea at least as of May 2.

Beijing claims full sovereignty over Taiwan despite the two sides having been governed separately for more than seven decades. Taipei continues to counter Chinese aggression by strengthening its strategic ties with democracies, including the United States. Meanwhile, international businesses are weighing the implications for global trade of a possible intense trade disruption should the conflict between Taiwan and China escalate.

It comes after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine led to disruption of oil, gas and wheat supplies as well as soaring prices around the world. (ANI)

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