Chinese military forces conduct assault drills near Taiwan



Chinese fighter jets and anti-submarines, as well as warships, conducted assault drills near Taiwan on Tuesday. The military said they were necessary to protect China’s sovereignty, reports PA.

The Asian giant has stepped up military exercises around Taiwan, a territory which jealously defends its autonomy but Beijing considers its own territory.

Recent provocations from Taiwan and the United States have severely violated Chinese sovereigntyChina Eastern Theater Command spokesman Shi Yi said in a statement.

The assault exercises were conducted in waters to the southwest and southeast of the island. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that these were actions at sea and in the air and was ready to respond in each case.

In June, 28 Chinese fighter jets flew towards Taiwan. Last week, U.S. and Taiwanese coast guard officials met to discuss cooperation and communications.

The United States has announced plans to sell 40 howitzers to Taiwan, a $ 750 million which sparked a vigorous protest from Beijing.

Washington maintains only informal relations with Taiwan, but it is its main supplier of arms and its closest political ally. He has fostered ties with the Taiwanese government as relations with China deteriorate.

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