China threatens to send warships into U.S. territorial waters


VSHina on Wednesday threatened to send warships into U.S. territorial waters.

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The World time called on People’s Liberation Army navy warships to travel to “US military bases in Asia-Pacific and the coasts of US allies to conduct close reconnaissance and declare freedom of navigation” . The editorial added that “the United States will certainly see the PLA show up on its doorstep in the not-so-distant future.”


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It is not a simple rant. The World time operates under the leadership of Yang Jiechi, director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission. His words represent a credible threat.

Why is China so mad?

He deplores the “naked provocation” of the transit of a US Navy destroyer on Wednesday, less than 12 miles from an artificial Chinese island in the South China Sea. Yang’s spokesperson warns that “only by giving the United States a taste of its own medicine can we touch the nerves of the United States and its allies and reshape the Western world’s understanding of the American intimidation in the South China Sea “.

This assessment bears little relation to reality. China’s property claims over the South China Sea are both geographically absurd and politically imperialist. Instead, China is stepping up its militarization of the sea for two clearly unwarranted reasons. First, to make these waters safe for the unilateral extraction of Chinese Communist resources. Second, to obtain political concessions from other nations in exchange for their access to the sea. China’s leverage is the $ 3.5 trillion to $ 4 trillion in annual trade flows that pass through the South China Sea.

The Trump and Biden administrations have rightly resisted China’s actions with US naval actions such as Wednesday’s. They recognize China’s threat to trade, sovereign government, and a key tenet of the post-WWII US-led international order: free transit. But while America’s European allies did not want to make the transits like the United States, which has shaken China so much, countries like Australia, India, Japan and Vietnam are moving closer. of the American position. China therefore feels that it might face a more solid multilateral challenge.

The language used here by Beijing to conduct “freedom of navigation” activities off “US military bases in the Asia-Pacific and on the coasts of US allies” is clearly conceived of as a threat to send ships of. PLA war within 12 miles of Guam, Australia. , and Japan. (While the Philippines is an ally of the United States, its president has made a human pet for Xi Jinping).

Either way, the US Navy’s transits in international waters are one thing. PLA transits within 12 miles of the sovereign coasts of the United States or the Allies would be a different matter altogether. In other words, when the United States walks in a public park, China claims the right to seize public parks and then engage in home invasions. The reality is clear: by its intention and international law, any Chinese incursion as threatened would constitute an act of provocation bordering on war.

China has no justification for blurring the lines.

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