China sold the FK-3 medium / long range missile system to Serbia


BEIJING, ($1 = 6.37 Chinese yuan) – Serbia has purchased the Chinese FK-3 semi-active radar-guided/radio-controlled surface-to-air missile system FK-3 medium and long range, has learned, citing Serbian President Alexander Vucic. Vucic was forced to confirm the purchase, as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army U-20 transport plane was spotted in Serbia on April 9. According to unconfirmed information, U-20 provided the equipment for the purchased air defense system.

Photo credit: Global Times

China’s state-run online portal, the Global Times, also confirmed the sale of FK-3 to Serbs. According to journalist Liu Xuanzun, this Chinese air defense could significantly improve the defense capabilities of the Serbian army.

The purchase of FK-3 was not enthusiastically received by all political parties in the country. Some opponents of the Serbian president have accused him of having bought military equipment from a rival country of Europe and NATO. However, the Serbian President replied that the purchase was ” according to the rules “in accordance with all Serbian and international legal regulations and procedures.

The Chinese online portal recalls in its article that in the 1990s, Serbia [former Yugoslavia] was subjected to 78 days of aerial bombardment by the United States and some NATO allies. “Serbia has been the victim of airstrikes, so it is natural that the country invests in its air defense capabilities,” Liu Xuanzun wrote, recalling the thousands of victims.


HQ-22 is a medium-to-long-range semi-active radar-guided/radio-controlled Chinese surface-to-air missile system. FK-3 [the one that Serbia bought] is the export version of HQ-22.

The system has been in service with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army since 2017. The HQ-22 missile is actually the next generation of the older Chinese HQ-12 missile.

A battery consists of a vehicle carrying the radar installation and three vehicles launching the missiles. Each vehicle fires up to four missiles or a total of 12. It is claimed that one battery can hit six aerial targets simultaneously.

China sold the FK-3 medium / long range missile system to Serbia
Photo credit: Global Times

The operational range of the missile is 170 km, and the height can hit targets from 50 meters to 27 kilometers. The warhead weighs 180 kilograms and the detonation mechanism is based on the impact/proximity principle. The missile is launched from the Hanyang 8×8 platform and is powered by a solid propellant rocket motor.


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