China expands naval fleet, building at least 20 warships per year (Secretary of the Navy)



U.S. Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro said Thursday that China is building at least 20 warships a year and expanding its naval fleet in a way the United States does not have the financial resources to compete with, said reported Sputnik. The secretary also said that the United States is not meeting the pace at which China is expanding its naval fleet.

“China has 17 shipyards: last year they built 20 warships [and] this year they are building 20 more ships. I’m afraid we need to build more ships. … We need to increase resources by 3-5% relative to inflation. We sound the alarm bells [to Congress]”, Sputnik quoted Toro at the 2021 Aspen Security Forum. Toro further said Congress would approve increased funding that includes building more destroyers and adapting Zumwalt-class warships for transport hypersonic weapons due to the challenge posed to the United States by China’s maritime expansion.

“I am quite confident that we will see multi-year purchases to help us build DDGs [destroyers] in the future. (…) The major investments we are making in hypersonic missile tubes for the Zumwalt class of ships (…) represent a formidable deterrent for China, “Toro said, quoted by Sputnik. The secretary said. also called China the “biggest” stimulus threat facing the United States and said it was “the number one threat we need to pay attention to.” (ANI)

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