Canadian military forces train on Wascana Lake


Royal Canadian Navy reservists and members of the Canadian Armed Forces sailed Lake Wascana on Saturday morning for training exercises.

Two small boats headed for Willow Island as part of a protest. On the island, two soldiers pretended to be injured while members of the Navy treated their wounds, brought them back to the other side of Lake Wascana, and handed them over to the medical team.

Other demonstrations took place on the lake throughout the day.

“Exercise Wascana Starlight is a disaster response exercise that allows us to practice and use our small craft skills in conjunction with the military,” said Lt. Commander Trent Nichols, Commanding Officer of HMCS Queen’s.

“Just last year, we had several flood zones across the country and the Naval Reserve has been active in all of those flood zones, and that’s why we are exercising our skills today.

For those involved, this is an opportunity to work with other parts of the country’s military.

“For us as a unit, we don’t often work with the navy,” said Second Lieutenant Michael McDonald.

“We have a whole new unit in the making, so it’s important to undergo medical training with another department. “

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