Britain ‘sending new air defense missile system to Poland to bolster NATO flank’


The UK reportedly sent its state-of-the-art Sky Saber aerial missile system to Poland to bolster NATO’s eastern flank against Russia after Vladimir Putin ordered troops into eastern Ukraine

The Sky Saber missiles were unveiled last month by the British military

Britain is helping to tighten NATO’s eastern flank by sending Poland its new air defense missile system capable of shooting down targets the size of tennis balls, it has been reported.

The Sky Saber missiles, unveiled only last month by the British military, travel at the speed of sound and have three times the range of the Rapier which was previously used by the UK in Kuwait and during the Falklands War.

It can reach speeds of 2,300 mph while targeting planes, drones and bombs.

The new missile system will help reinforce the 240 km border between Poland and Ukraine over fears of how far Russia may seek to push west.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday evening that he was sending troops to the eastern regions of Ukraine in what he called a “peacekeeping” exercise.

New missiles travel at the speed of sound and have three times the range of the Rapier


Sergeant Tom Evans)

At the same time, he refuses to see the sovereignty of Ukraine and claims that it is part of the old Russian land.

The US has now labeled it an ‘invasion’ and believes it plans to attack the rest of Ukraine amid fears it won’t stop there to reclaim lands that have been lost with the breakup of the Soviet Union.

The UK is reportedly set to send the Sky Saber missiles to Poland soon, with reports that the military will also provide logistical support.

A Ministry of Defense spokesperson told The Sun: ‘As part of our commitment to European security, the UK will support NATO’s long-planned Ramstein Legacy 2022 exercise with the deployment of the system Sky Saber defense in Poland.”

Earlier this month Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said another 350 British soldiers would be sent to Poland.

Missiles can reach speeds of 2,300 mph targeting planes, drones and bombs


Sergeant Tom Evans)

Last year, Britain sent troops to Poland to help it deal with a migration crisis on its border with Belarus.

Wallace said: “In this spirit of solidarity and helping to share everyone’s resilience challenges, we will be adding to these 100 Royal Engineers by sending a further 350 British soldiers to Poland on a bilateral deployment to show that we We can work together and send a strong signal that Britain and Poland stand side by side.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden on Tuesday announced a redistribution of troops in Europe, including sending 800 infantrymen to the Baltic region and up to eight F-35 fighter jets to several operating sites along the NATO’s eastern flank, a US official said.

In addition, the United States will send 32 AH-64 Apache attack helicopters to the Baltic region and Poland from locations in Europe.

“These additional personnel are being repositioned to reassure our NATO allies, deter potential aggression against NATO member states, and train with host nation forces,” the senior US defense official said, adding that none of the new forces came from the United States. States.

The Mirror has contacted the Ministry of Defense for comment.

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