Bal coastal defense missile system hits naval target during exercises in Crimea – Army & Defense


Sevastopol, June 30. /TASS/. The Bal coastal defense missile system team successfully hit a naval target during tactical exercises at the Opuk training range in Crimea, the Black Sea Fleet press office reported on Tuesday.

“Black Sea Fleet Major Unit Bal Coastal Defense Missile System Team conducted a tactical exercise with missile firing against a naval target at the Opuk multi-service combat training range in Crimea. The target was destroyed by a precise hit,” the press said. office said in a statement.

During the exercises, the missile gunners marched from their permanent base to the designated area, deployed the system and practiced the algorithm of naval target detection operations, the statement said.

After detecting a fictional enemy’s surface ship, the combat teams received a signal to use the missile’s armament and fired at the target, the press office said.

A surface target fitted with special radar corner reflectors simulated the fictional enemy ship. The firings took place in accordance with the Black Sea Fleet Forces Combat Training Plan to improve the practical skills of personnel while practicing the missions of detecting and eliminating naval targets, the press office said. .

The Bal coastal defense system with the Kh-35 anti-ship missile is designed to control territorial waters and straits and defend naval bases, other coastal installations and infrastructure as well as areas vulnerable to amphibious assault.

The coastal defense missile system is capable of operating in all weather conditions, day or night, with its fully autonomous guidance after launches, under heavy enemy fire and jamming.


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