Awesome Tetris Challenge shows first responders and military forces posing with gears around the world



A new photographic challenge has spread across the internet over the past month. This Tetris challenge involves taking photos from above of first responders and military vehicles. Here are some of the best shots.As usual with social media, the origin It’s not very clear what this pattern is, but it appears the New Zealand Police Service issued the challenge when a policeman appeared next to his car with all vehicle equipment on. This grid pattern quickly inspired other law enforcement and firefighting agencies around the world. Meanwhile, the #TetrisChallenge hashtag has gone viral.

Soon, the military forces joined the party and began broadcasting the contents of their vehicles, from ambulances to self-propelled howitzers, helicopters and fighter jets. Some units are very creative and clearly spent a lot of time preparing the plan.

Maritime forces also participated in the Tetris challenge

Finally, the trend took an unexpected turn when the British Ambassador to Hungary decided to display his diplomatic qualities.

A pizza delivery man in Malaysia with his work set.

Here is an operating room for a heart center in Hungary.

If the surgery doesn’t go as planned, this Catholic church could be your last hope.

Finally, the elite force of the Royal Netherlands Navy showed its main weapon



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