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Exercise Cope North 2021, an annual multinational exercise led by the U.S. Pacific Air Forces, is expected to welcome military participants from Australia, Japan and deploy squadrons and aircraft personnel from the U.S. Air Force, the ‘US Marine Corps and US Navy in Guam, according to a statement. Release.

Exercise participants are scrupulously adhering to a number of COVID-19 mitigation measures to protect Guam’s civilian and military communities.

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Participants are required to present a negative test result for COVID-19 within one to three days of arriving in Guam and to enter a 14-day quarantine.

Military personnel arriving in Guam to support Cope North 2021 are required to temporarily reside in off-base hotels for the duration of the exercise.

In support of exercise events, service members will only be permitted to travel between their designated hotel room and their designated military duty location at Andersen Air Base, to include restricted movement once there. base and minimal or no interaction with local civilian populations.

Activities outside the base are prohibited for all exercise participants to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“This restriction will be strictly enforced and concerns the health and safety of the local community as well as the military involved in the exercise,” said a press release.

Government of Guam and military public health orders apply and any member of the service suspected of being in breach will be investigated and held accountable, if any.

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This article originally appeared on Pacific Daily News: Australia, Japan and United States to Send Military Forces for Exercise Cope North 2021



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