Acceptance testing begins in HİSAR O + air defense missile system

Start of acceptance tests on the hisar o air defense missile system

According to information obtained within the framework of TEKNOFEST’4 which was held for the 21st time this year, the acceptance tests of the HİSAR O + air defense missile system will begin in October 2021. In order to meet the needs of the Forces Command On land, a contract for HİSAR air defense systems was signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and the prime contractor Aselsan in 2011. Following the acceptance tests to be carried out, the HİSAR O + air defense missile systems will be delivered. to the Land Forces Command.

The Chairman of the Defense Industry Presidency Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir announced that the HİSAR A + air defense missile system has been delivered with all its components, and the HİSAR air defense missile system O +, which destroys a target at high speed at long range and high altitude, is in the mass production phase. While the contract for the serial production of the Hisar O + air defense system has been signed, deliveries are expected to be completed by 2024.

Developed with national and national resources, the HİSAR O + system will perform one-off and regional air defense missions thanks to its distributed and flexible architectural capability. The HİSAR O + system has an organizational infrastructure in battery and battalion structures. System; It consists of a fire control center, a missile launch system, a medium altitude air defense radar, an electro-optical system, an infrared missile and a missile. RF.

The HİSAR-O system has as standard 18 (3 launchers) at battery level and 54 (9 launchers) interceptor missiles at battalion level. The system, which has a fighter detection and tracking distance of 40-60 km, can track> 60 targets.

HİSAR Air Defense Systems

HİSAR air defense systems were developed at local and national level in cooperation with Aselsan-Roketsan under the project of the presidency of the presidency of the defense industry. The warhead was developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE. The system, which has 360 degree efficiency, can engage and shoot 6 targets at the same time. While the interception range of HİSAR A + system is 15 km, the interception range of HİSAR O + system reaches 25 km.

HİSAR, which has the ability to work in all weather conditions; It is effective against combat aircraft, helicopters, air-to-surface missiles, cruise missiles, and armed / unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV / SİHA). Designed according to the current needs and threats in our country, which has strategic and critical facilities, HİSAR will be a serious power multiplier in the country’s air defense.

HİSAR A + was delivered with all its elements

After the missile launching systems worked in coordination with the fire management device in the HİSAR A + project and the missiles entered the inventory, the low-altitude autonomous air defense self-propelled missile system (Autonomous HİSAR A +), which includes all the necessary subsystems to be able to operate on its own, has also been delivered. Thus, all elements of the HİSAR A + system were delivered to the Turkish armed forces.

Autonomous HİSAR A + will carry out the air defense mission of mechanized and mobile armored units. The system stands out for its ability to move in difficult terrain conditions, change position quickly, have short reaction times and perform a task alone.

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