This is how the bartenders in trouble were tricked with loan

Important information: Be careful when you come up with similar promises ! The VIII of Budapest. The District Attorney’s Office has indicted six people, who allegedly caused a total of about $ 500 million in damages to nearly 3,500 injured persons , according to a statement from the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office. The defendants did not give the victims the money as agreed, but asked for the first repayment.

Various charges and then disappeared

money cash

Between July 2012 and February 2015, the defendants, through companies founded for this purpose, apparently promised a discounted loan to advertising clients, but they actually entered consumer groups . The defendants promised the deceived customers that they would be able to get money on fairly favorable terms in the short term. The ads were misleading and their text suggested to customers that they were immediately giving money, even to people in financial difficulties.

Interested customers were left with the belief that they would be granted a loan

money cash

In the month following the contract . After the contract was signed, fraudulent customers had to pay one-off registration fees, commission fees, and the first month’s installment, and the amount of the payments was usually based on the size of the loan. The victims did not get the loan they were seeking, the contractually committed credit was not intended for the accused, their real purpose was only to launder money, they did not even operate consumer groups . The accused caused a total of nearly 500 million forints to 3445 injured persons, which means nearly 150,000 forints per person.

We are not convinced that anyone on the KHR list, mainly in active status, but still looking for money, should look at the terms and conditions under which they will still be able to get a loan, as unfortunately many people specialize in trouble. to loot people …