Quick Payday Loan

Quick payday loan ads come from all mailboxes, lighting poles, tram stations … Quick payday loans are available, quick payday loans up to 5000 kuna, fast loans without guarantor … All this sounds fantastic especially when you are in trouble with money. Money is available in just a few minutes, but before you rush in, take a good look at what is really behind the quick payday loan ad.

In such situations it should be laid down because even the smallest mistake can be extremely costly.

Urgency is the biggest enemy in such a situation and that is what usurers play at. There can be a lot of hiding behind ads, especially if fast loan ads are appearing on the internet. There is almost no control there, and traps in quick-lending ads are not uncommon. Such quick-lending ads should be reserved.

Check, then check again! There are pitfalls in quick payday loan ads


Among the ads for quick lending, there are legitimate credit houses and those who hunt in the murky. The gray economy has come to life in recent years, and the number of such loan companies has increased significantly. It is best to check your preferred credit home on the Croatian National Bank’s website, which contains a list of those who are authorized to work in our country. The choice is further narrowed down by quick-lending ads that clearly state the conditions for borrowing money.

It is advisable to select several loan companies that you have previously checked and ask them for offers. More different offers will allow you to better manage your loans. You will be able to adjust them to your own needs and align your home budget with them.

A contract is always a good idea! It protects against unnecessary complications

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Once the preferred offer has been selected, it is worth considering the terms of the loan well before signing the contract. And the contract is mandatory because it protects against unintended consequences and complications. What is not often mentioned in the illegitimate quick payday loan advertisements is that there is no contract and the money is paid on hand. That way, there are no traces of borrowing money, so a whole new space for scams opens. Both sides can claim that the money was returned, although it is not so. I can say that the loan was arranged under different conditions, for example at higher interest rate, longer repayment period …

The great advantage of credit houses lies in the fact that contracts can be downloaded from their websites. The client thus has time to study them and even consult with experts about possible dilemmas. Only after clarifying everything can he put his signature and arrange to borrow the money.