Economy and Finance for socially excluded

Forgive me to write this post so sad, everything that deals with crisis and unemployment is very negative but we must inform about it.

Currently 5.6 million unemployed , run the risk of becoming a situation of social exclusion . Collective investments, the exchange between individuals and applications for collaborative activities come to the rescue of this social group so punished by the crisis that our country has been balking for many years.

Why Economy and Finance for social excluded?



There are currently 5.6 million customers in the market, their name of war “unemployed.” However “strange” it may seem, no Spanish financial institution (banks, savings banks or insurers) markets products for this sector, the unemployed.

This group has no recognition for the financial market, they have always been the eternal forgotten economy, victims of a war “the economic”, whose victims do not bleed, stay on the street and starve to death.

The current situation and the large number of those affected with respect to the economic and political crisis situations experienced previously, have a significant influence on the emergence of old concepts forgotten by society such as collaborative activity or bartering .

Thanks to communications and their ability to establish relationships such as social networks, forums, smartphones, a unemployed person can access many communication channels to try to solve their problems. Previously, a person who was unemployed went to friends and family to transmit his new status and create a call effect to his chain of contacts, in parallel he went to that white elephant.

Nowadays social media applications , allow access to contacts and working groups that can help us in our relationships when it comes to finding work. But, what happens when what we really need besides work is to solve that negative image before financial institutions.

Obtaining financing outside traditional methods becomes an impossible task for an unemployed. The unstoppable movement of financial disintermediation and the collaborative economy are the new weapons of change that are in your hands.

The bank should not afford to turn its back on this generation because in the future they would be the ones who in turn just turned their backs as currency. Never forget that the “bad customer” for a bank in the future can be a very good customer for it. Crowdfunding platforms (collective investments), Loans between P2P Individuals and collaborative consumption applications are the beginning of an alternative financing model that is based on people ahead of financial markets.

The unemployment crisis and its solutions

The unemployment crisis and its solutions

According to a survey – the living conditions of the INE -, 17% of Spanish households arrive with a lot of difficulty at the end of the month , in this same survey they indicate that 20.4% of citizens are at risk of poverty . This percentage includes most of the families that since the beginning of the crisis in 2008 have lost their jobs or have seen their salaries drastically reduced.

What solution of Economy and Finance for socially excluded can we offer?


The answer is in our own hands and that thanks to the emergence of collective financing platforms, they can offer their help and in the process obtain a return on their money.

In parallel, where the greats of technology have their sights set, private projects arise that aim to occupy a part of the cake being distributed.

Platforms specialized in transferring money, currency exchange between individuals, raising private financing for entrepreneurs, Loans between Individuals, are some of the solutions that come to the rescue of people who have the closed credit access.

The operation of these projects is based on the location of individuals who offer their resources to third parties, in this case they would be economic resources. Services that these platforms would offer their customers through a commission for intermediation . For example, Good Finance charges a commission to send currency between individuals of 0.5% versus 4.5% of the bank.

The micro credits as help

The micro credits as help

They have long since broken into us a product that can be of some help to anyone who eventually cannot prove their income. This product is the micro-credit that has the fundamental advantage of accessing an amount of money to solve a temporary situation without explanation only with your data.

These amounts range from € 300 to € 700 and depending on the platform accessed this amount may be higher or lower. The history is also very important since if you have been a customer before and the payment has been made correctly you have more credit available.

This type of loans is limited time for repayment and does not usually exceed 30 days. In the case of having a delay, it should be noted that the non-payment fees are usually high, so we have to be clear about our plan to return the money unless we have a major problem.